Download Pandora Pro tool V6.7 Setup (Pandora Box Latest Update 2024)

Download Pandora box v6.7 Pandora Pro tool, Z3X Pandora Box Latest Update (Pandora_setup_6.7) Many devices added and features like reading, writing...

Date 2024-03-31 17:41:46
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Pandora Pro tool setup V6.7
What's news [VER 6.7]   
- Improved Unlock operation for Mediatek phones

- Fixed download files

- Added support TCL 30 LE - 4188S, 4188SPP

- Added support Nokia C32 - TA-1542, TA-1548

- Added support Micromax phones:
E7446 In note 2, E7533 In 1b, E7746 In note 1, HS1 Canvas Infinity Life,
N8216 Infinity N11, N8301 Infinity N12, Q409 Bolt Supreme 6,
Q411 Canvas Fire 4, Q412 Canvas Fire 4G Plus, Q413 Canvas Xpress 4G, Q414 Canvas Blaze 4G+,
Q417 Canvas Mega 4G, Q4204 Bharat 5 Infinity, Q424 Bolt Selfie

- Added support Lava phones:
LZG408 X3, LZX403 Blaze, LZX404 Blaze Pro, LZX407 Blaze NXT, LZX408 Yuva 2 Pro,
LZG403 Z3, LZG403 25 Z3 Pro, LZG404 X3

- Added support Hisense phones:
HLTE228E Hisense Infinity E50 Lite, HLTE228E.13, HLTE228E.20 Hisense E50 Lite
HLTE229E.10 Hisense E40, HLTE229E.12 Hisense V40, HLTE229E.30 Hisense V40S,
HLTE232E Hisense E50, HLTE233E Hisense Infinity H50 Lite, HLTE235E Hisense E60 Lite,
HLTE236E Hisense E60, HLTE240E Hisense Infinity H60 Smart, HLTE240E.10 Infinity H60 Lite

- Added support Dexp phones:
Ursus P410, Ursus P510, Ursus Q110, Ursus Q180, Ursus Q210, Ursus Q280,
Ursus Q310, Ursus R110, Ursus R180, Ursus S270i, Ursus S280, Ursus S370,
Ursus VA110, Ursus VA210

- Added support Bmobile phones:
AX1076, AX1076P+, B50 ProSS, B70 Pro, BL40, BL50 Pro, BL51,
BL52 Pro, BL53, BL54 Pro, BL60M, BL61, BL62,
BL63, BL63 Pro, BL65, BL65+, Speed 5, Ultra

- Fixed some bugs
Credit Z3X-Team
How to install Pandora Pro tool:
Run Z3X Shell, Update Card Firmware and apply Activation.
Download Pandora Pro tool via Shell and Install.
Run Pandora
Shell Link
Pandora Pro tool Link
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