Download Pandora Pro tool V6.8 Setup (Pandora Box Latest Update 2024)

Download Pandora box v6.8 Pandora Pro tool, Z3X Pandora Box Latest Update (Pandora_setup_6.8) Many devices added and features like reading, writing, Repairing and Unlocking

Date 2024-04-17 07:43:26
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Pandora Pro tool setup V6.10
What's news [VER 6.10]   

Fixed 'EXT4 REMAP SUPER FAIL' while reading info

- Fixed downgrading bootloaders for Xiaomi

- Fixed regional unlock Realme

- Fixed patch cert error Realme (error(2.ERR_SF_4))

- Fixed creating default fs

- Fixed Spreadtrum Nokia repair

- Added support Realme C51s

- Added support Doogee phones:
DK10, Flip X, R10, R20, S100, S100 Pro, S110, S mini, T20 Ultra, T30 Max, T30 Pro,
T30 Ultra, V Max, V20 Pro, V20 Pro Ultra, V20S, V30, V30 Pro, V30T, V31GT, PT1, N50S,
S98, S98 Pro, S99, T30S

- Added support BLU phones:
C6L Max, Dash 4.5 2016, Dash 4.5 2016, G73, G53, G63, G33, J10L

- Added support Bmobile phones:
AX620, AX650, AX660, AX670, AX675, AX680, AX680+, AX681, AX683, AX685, AX690, AX700,
AX705, AX710, AX745, AX750, AX751, AX753, AX754, AX800, AX810, AX822, AX823, AX826,
AX830, AX905, AX921, AX922, AX925, AX926, AX950, AX951, AX959, AX960, AX1010, AX1020,
AX1030, AX1035, AX1040, AX1045, AX1045E, AX1050, AX1055, AX1060, AX687, AX688, AX688+,
AX715, AX751+, AX824, AX824 Lite, AX824A, AX824+, AX1100, BL55, BM65 Plus, AX1080,
AX1085, AX1092, AX1095, B55, B55 Ultra, B60 Pro, B63 Pro, Bella, BL52T, BL60, BL60 Pro,
N20266, X10

- Added support Dexp phones:
Ursus M170, Ursus N180i, Ursus N210, Ursus N280i, Ursus N310, Ursus N380i, Ursus N410,
Ursus N570, Ursus N370, Ursus N470

- Added support Mobicel phones:
Zen, Zoom, Zoom H, Vivo Dual Sim, Vivo Single Sim, Venus Go, V1, V2, Rush, RX17, Sapphire,
Samba, Scarlet, Shift, Smart Gem, Solo P9122, Solo Tab P9120, Sonic V20, Switch, Switch Go,
Tango, Epic Pro 2, Epic Pro LTE

- Added support myPhone phones:
myA1 Plus, myA17, myG1, myP1, myWX1 Lite, myXI1, myWX1 Plus, myWX2, myXI1 Plus, myXI1 Pro,
myWX2 Pro, Pocket Pro

- Fixed some bugs

Credit Z3X-Team
How to install Pandora Pro tool:
Run Z3X Shell, Update Card Firmware and apply Activation.
Download Pandora Pro tool via Shell and Install.
Run Pandora
Shell Link
Pandora Pro tool V6.10 Link
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